A Land of Contrast

Held in the embrace of the Andes, Peru lies on the Central Pacific coast of South America. A paradise inhabited by the most unusual birds and animals and with plants of incomparable beauty, this country offers amazing ecological diversity.

Peru is a country of fantasy and contrasts, where the sun rises through the mists of the damp Amazon accompanied by a symphony of chirping birds and humming insects. It caresses the High Andes with their picturesque villages, the homes of farmers and shepherds before it descends to the coastal deserts to dally in the ochre sands and set beyond the murmuring ocean waves.

In small stone houses in the countryside and in colonial cities of solemn architecture live the people who have inherited centuries of history and a particular wisdom for the efficient use of this diversified natural environment. Their complex, time-honored social organization is given expression in lively traditional festivals and enterprising cooperatives. This is a culture which has worn and manufactured Cotton and Alpaca throughout the ages.