Social Responsibility

True to our origins as a Peruvian brand, we take great interest in the Andean communities. Kuna participates in several programs that benefit the local rural communities: textile workshops, incentives that encourage the practice of raising alpacas, as well as the education of the local communities in the environment.

For one of our projects we donated alpaca yarn to the remote village of Llali, where we taught 117 mothers knitting techniques. Not only have 750 school children received a new warm sweater, but the mothers earned a salary and learned a trade that provides them with an additional source of income.

In March 2010, Incalpaca, Kuna’s parent company has been praised by the Mexican Center for Philantrophy (CEMEFI) for exemplary social responsibility in Latin America. And in September 2011, we have received from the hands of the President of Peru the prestigious Premio Presidente de la República, recognizing our contributions to the development of Peru.