The demand for KUNA products in Europe is steadily growing. We have a professional distribution network and present the latest collections of KUNA on various fashion fairs, shows and in local showrooms. Consumers as well as retailers appreciate the quick availability of the desired articles: We offer an extremely fast and cost-efficient delivery ex stock Germany and for Switzerland and Prinicpality of Liechtenstein ex stock Switzerland.

Benefit from our long lasting experience: For more than 15 years, we operate in the distribution of high- quality garments made of alpaca fibre and we know the european market really well. We are happy to share our passion, the thousand year old textile heritage of Perú and the beauty and diversity of its natural fibres with our customers. Doing so, ethically correct and sustainable conditions in the production of our goods are the basic for every business relationship.

Of course, we offer you a comprehensive service – our excellent customer service is always at your service.

We are happy to bring this unique Prêt-à-porter-collektion to Europe and kindly invite you to become part of the KUNA lifestyle.

KUNA – Discover the the Hands of the Andes!