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The satisfaction of our customers is dear to our heart, which is
why we take care of a highest quality standard. Our quality
systems comply with the strictest European standards. With our
45 employees in Cusco, Perú we are able to offer our clients
extraordinary garments in high class knitting art.
High quality can only be achieved by a competent and motivated
team. Fair conditions in the production process of our fashion
and respect for our staff are particularly important concerns to
us. Our employees obtain fair wages and above-average social
benefits for their skills. Of course we decline any sort of child
labour in any form.
We take our responsibility very seriously.
With clear shapes and colours the benign design of APU
KUNTUR garments communicate elegance and charm since
1989. The amazing colours and the high grade craftsmanship
show: we align the exuberance and the positive attitude of life of
the Peruvian Andes with the European lifestyle. This succeeds by
working hand in hand.
Behind every image and every brand stand people.
For us as a family business ethics, cordiality, security and trust
stand in the centre of our actions. They are the foundation of our
Our strength lies in the WE. Based on mutual appreciation in our
APU KUNTUR-Team we manage to offer only the best to our
It is our aim to stabilize and to extend our leading position as
alpaca specialist.
Your satisfaction comes first: The direct customer contact and
the linked marketability provide us with crucial impulses for
the further development of our products and of the whole
assortment. We continuously work on the capability of
responding to our customers' needs and desires:
Your opinion is important to us.
For our collections we only use the finest and most noble
alpaca fibres and Pima Cotton. The raw materials are selected
and inspected carefully. For the further refinement and the
actual production solely high quality materials from Perú are
For us as a full-spectrum supplier with Europe's largest
assortment our core competence lies in the material. This is
visible throughout the full range: whether fine shawls,
gorgeous caps, warm gloves, functional socks, elegant dresses,
comfortable knit cardigans, cuddly sweaters or fashionable
coats – with us you find the quality which you expect.
Convince yourself. Your retailer is happy to advise you.
Our fashion on the catwalk
Our team in Cusco, Perú
The family enterprise APU KUNTUR
Our values
Our products
Customer proximity
«The Peruvian manufacture ranks among
most various in the world and is linked
to a centuries-old tradition.»
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Felicitas adds the finishing
touch to our commodities.